Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have a stat tracker on this blog. It shows me all kinds of nifty things like who has been here, how many times, where they linked from, if they used a search engine to find me, what keyword they used etc....... (I'm watching you!!)
So I'm checking my stats and see someone landed here after searching "how to eat refried beans" . So I google "how to eat refried beans" and my blog comes up first. Not a recipe, not a Mexican culinary site. Nope. A picture of Lucy covered in refried beans. How appetitizing for someone so unfamiliar with refried beans that they google how to eat it.
The wonderful world of the internet!


Liesl said...

I've gotten some strange things myself. I keep a running list of the weird ones thinking that someday I'll make a post out of them.

Therese said...

I have one from sitemeter. Is that the one you use?

Lilder said...

Where's my tinfoil hat? Karen's watching me!!!