Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So sorry for the lag in posts. Our wireless adapter has officially tanked. So there will be no pictures until we get a replacement.
My mom was here for a week for a nice visit and we scoped out some nice houses. No purchase yet, but hopefully this fall.
The two little girls are in zoo camp this week. This is Grace's second year and Emma's first and they are having a great time. The 160 miles per day I am putting on the van is killing the gas budget but it is only a week.
The kitten (now known as Pumpkin or Punkin or Kitty or Baby Girl) is doing well. She has settled into a nice little routine and she and Murphy are learning to co-exist. She is fine with him, he is being the PIB. He doesn't GET that he is 40 lbs, she is 4oz and he canNOT paw at her to play. He did get a doggie gold star night before last. He officially is 'scorpion spotter'. He found one in the upstairs hall and started barking (not unusual-he barks at everything) and growling (HIGHLY unusual-Murphy NEVER growls) send Katie to investigate and lo and behold he is 'alerting' to a scorpion, a big one. We think he must have been stung in the past and knows they are bad. He never barks at spiders or crickets or flies although he does 'play' with all of the above.
We are preparing for the big trip to KY for the Kuplack family reunion. We will leave June 30 or so and return July 9. It will be quite the production. We are renting a camping trailer and will be staying in the Little Rock area overnight on the way there and they way back and attempt to plug-in at my brother in-laws house in Crestwood. We should have all the adapters and extension cords necessary.

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Therese said...

have a fun trip. Are you house hunting? Did I miss that somewhere?