Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It looks like our beloved San Antonio Spurs are going to win (and possibly sweep) the NBA Championship. We've never been basketball fans, even living in KY (aka basketball country) but you can't help become a Spurs fan living in SA. First of all, they are the only top tier pro sport team SA has so everything is Spurs this, Ginobli that, Parker this, Duncan that. Second, they are a team anyone can really get behind. They generally play very clean, Gregg Popovich (coach) is a straight up guy, none of the players are ever in the news for paternity suits or drug and weapons possession, you don't have to explain to the kids why this supposed "role model" is in jail.....again. They play as a team. It's not "Superstar" and his Merry Men. (Although Lebron James is a great kid, who seems to have his head screwed on straight)

So it's 3-0 Spurs. Hopefully Thursday night SA will be partying as NBA Champs 2007!!

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