Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Yay! Yay! Two dogs in the house!!"

This is what Ben had to say this morning.Our neighbors are going to a wedding this weekend and we are watching their dog, Cocoa. Cocoa is a rather rotund chocolate Lab.
He is a very sweet boy and is good friends with our yellow lab, Murphy.

Murphy is about half the size of Cocoa and literally runs circles around him and even jumps over him :-)
It's nice having dogs around again. We made the decision not to bring our dog, Bridget, to Texas. It was hard but made much easier by the fact our friends, Diane and Joe and their children Teresa and Andy agreed to open their home to her. Bridget is very happy with them and the feeling seems to be mutual. Bridget would have been miserable here. There are SO MANY dogs, they generally aren't leashed and I'm afraid her tendency to go after wildlife would have had her in deep trouble. Snakes, raccoons, possums, scorpions, cats, coyotes, deer, wild pigs....something would have gotten her sooner or later.
We had no intention of getting a dog. We (re: Chris) had enough pets with the three guinea pigs, two lizards and wild cats I insist on feeding. One day, right before Christmas, Ian was out riding his bike. This pitiful little dog followed him home. We tried to find his owners, we tried to find him a home. Finally the Saturday after Christmas Chris took him to a no-kill shelter/adoption location. It didn't last long. The kids (really, the kids) missed him so much that only after a few hours Daddy caved and for the KIDS, went back and got the dog. He was here to stay. The debate about a name was interesting. We finally settled on Murphy...after Audie Murphy.

The two buds:

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