Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lent and George and Emma

Lent is upon us. As usual we have all kinds of big plans but I'm resisting my usual trap of using Lent as a time to revamp our entire life :-) We have some very specific goals we are going to work towards. I actually look forward to Lent. Yes, it's a penitential time and we make sacrifices but it is usually a fairly peaceful time here at home and we tend to get a lot done, spiritually and temporally.

We have another lizard. George. Our lizard collection sounds like a Brit boy band. Jimmy, George and Michael. I love green anoles (they change color and will let you handle them) and being they are only $6.99 and that we already have a 10gal lizard tank I figured, "What's one more?"
This is a green anole.

My cord for my camera should be here soon and I can start uploading recent pics of the crew.

Oh, and Emma lost her first tooth. She is quite excited. With 5 children of tooth-losing age the excitement has worn off-we have a tooth fall out of someone's mouth at least once a month. When Katie lost her first tooth it was like she had started to walk. Poor Emma. She's lucky I managed to find an envelope for her to put her tooth in :-)

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