Thursday, July 7, 2011

{pretty,happy,funny,real} 4th of July edition

round button chicken

We went to Randolph AFB to celebrate the 4th of July this year (sans Jack who was recovering from encampment and was sick). No fireworks (which equaled no crowds \o/) due to the dangerously dry conditions but lots of free activities for the littles. Lucy met Christopher at the door early Monday afternoon and let fly with something that sounded like: " We'regoingtothebouncycastleDaddy!!Thebouncycastle!Nowwe'regoingnowrightgoingtothebouncycastle


The perfect 4th of July dress. Yes, she had shorts on under it. Her mouth is open here, she is probably giving directions to her new friend there on the right. Lucy calls any child she meets, anywhere, her friend :D


I joke around that about the time my babies wean they discover Daddy and my superstar status is reduced to just about zero. Max has reached that milestone. He LOVES his Daddy. He immediately goes to Christopher as soon as Chris gets home from work and woe to us all if Max isn't picked up right away. If it's up to Max, he'll follow Daddy around 24/7.
Below is the look I got when I said "Max, look at Mommy!" if that isn't the "What do you want, lady?" look, I don't know what is.


The Marines were at the 4th celebration and giving away water bottles to kids who did pull-ups. Most of the kids tried and did well, with the exception of Katie..a jock she is not :D. As you can see Ben got it....

and Tristan did not :D


Tristan plays hard.....that is one sweaty kid.

and sleeps hard. He made it just inside the front door and collapsed on the nearest chair with all his loveys...3 Smiths and Blue Blankie.

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I love sleeping children!

Awesome picture!