Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poor will he get any attention?

It started with Lucy loving on Max while he was hanging out on the floor watching the ceiling fan go around. Note: why waste money on a baby gym when ceiling fans can keep a baby entertained for a little while.

Then Ben had to get in on the act....

Then Emma came on over....

This poor baby #9, everyone is always too busy to love on him.

Yes, the big boys hold him and play with him too but they aren't overly fond of having their pictures taken. I'll get 'em eventually :D

Max loves to stand. If he is fussy the one (usually) no fail way to make him stop is to stand him on your lap. This is the face he makes and then 'dances' like the Gopher from Caddy Shack.

And here are his K-Family blue eyes, that they all (must) have.

While Max is thoughtful and intense. He does have a lighter side :D


grillledcheesechic said...

Love the way his facial expression changes with each sibling addition!
great pics.

Liesl said...

I can tell the poor child is so horribly neglected.....

He looks like such a joy to have around, K. Congratulations all over again!