Thursday, April 1, 2010

This takes the cake......

our political representatives say ignorant things *all* the time, the vast majority suffer from 'foot in mouth disease'. This really takes the cake. Kudos to the Admiral (and everyone else in the gallery) for not bursting out laughing although the Amd. did smile. Listen carefully around 1:20.
Edited to add: It is being reported that Rep. Johnson suffers from Hepatitis C. That is a shame, it can be a devastating illness. If his cognitive abilities are being affected to the point that he is unable to grasp any longer basic concepts and principles such as 'islands don't tip over from overpopulation' I think it would be in the best interest of Rep. Johnson's health, the people he represents and the committees he serves on and votes on, if he were to resign.

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Kalona said...

Oh my...that was hilarious! Sad, but hilarious. I really did laugh out loud.