Saturday, December 19, 2009

Could *you* forgive?

I'm a fan of Imaculee Ilibagiza. She is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide and has written two books on her experience. Left to Tell is a brief biography and the story of her survival during the 3 months the genocide went on, and a bit of her life aftewards. Led By Faith, is her follow up about her journey to forgive and her life after the genocide including marriage and emigration to the US. Sure, I had heard of the Rwandan genocide and watched the requisite Hollywood films but I didn't have the understanding of the scope and horror until I read Left to Tell. Still I have to say it wasn't Left to Tell that impacted me the most, it was Led By Faith. It took strength, faith and endurance to survive what she did, but I can't help but think finding it in herself to forgive, to really forgive those that perpetrated this evil was the truly heroic act. Now there has been a documentary made about the journey to forgiveness of the entire country. Due to the impossibility of prosecuting and imprisoning the 40,000 confessed murderers the gov't of Rwanda made the bold and controversial decision to release them back into society.

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grillledcheesechic said...

Thanks for sharing. Led by Faith, is by far, one of my favorites.