Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May you all have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
What a difference a year makes. I can't believe this time last year I had just gotten out of the hospital (again) and was still feeling pretty sick. Having the baby out and big enough to crawl and pull up and laugh and be so amazingly wonderful seemed so so far away. Yet, here we are!


The Real Katie said...

No Way is That Lucy!!!! Wow! What a beautiful little girl. :)

And thanks for Amata Means Beloved! I'm LOVING it!!! And I heard that Katie got the Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. Make sure you take the time to read them too, they're really good. :)


The Real Katie said...

Oh, and Katie told me about the Wii. Make sure you play that too (sarah and I got one for our birthdays). My dad loves golf and the sports are great exercise. I've pulled multiple muscles while playing tennis. :p

Therese said...

great photos. I hope 2009 is a great year for you all too.

Liesl said...

Your children grow more beautiful every time I see their photos, Karen. I hope your Christmas was blessed and lovely and full of children's laughter.

Belated Merry Christmas from us, and may your New Year be Joyous.