Monday, July 7, 2008

Emma's finger

So Jack had a mysterious skin infection. No biggie. Cleared up with some super-dee-dooper antibiotic ointment. One morning Emma comes down crying her finger hurts "SO BAD!" Her finger is red and swollen and somewhat discolored around the cuticle. "Did you hit it?"
"Did you drop something on it?"
"Did you hurt it at all?"

So now I am a little concerned. It looks pretty painful yet hasn't been traumatized in any way. It is the thumb she sucks (yes, still), even though there is no broken skin I am concerned she has some sort of infection (since we don't have Jack's cultures back).

So a day or two goes by and her thumb is still painful and she is still denying any injury to it. I take her to our friendly-neighborhood GP. Dr. M takes a look at it and says "It looks like trauma." "I know but she says she didn't hurt it at all."
Dr M. turns to Emma "Did you hurt your thumb?"
"Well, Gracie kicked it."


I had only asked her at least a dozen times if she was SURE she hadn't hurt it, hit it, bumped it etc..... so $20 co-pay about $8 of gas and an hour of time to find out it was simple trauma.

Head meet brick wall.

My GP refunded my $20. Bless her heart.

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