Saturday, February 2, 2008

O-flight and other news

I really need to try and update this blog more regularly. I know, I know, I need more pictures too. Working on it.

This morning Jack is on his first O-flight (Orientation Flight). 5 cadets from Jack's squadron get to go flying today at a local airport in CAP aircraft. 2 cadets, 1 pilot per plane. Happily, Jack is paired with his buddy, Stefan. They go up twice each taking a turn in the co-pilot's seat. Today Jack gets to fly, tomorrow the Giants play in the Superbowl. It's the best weekend of his life!!! :-)

It's OotM season again. I will be spending 1 weekend a month for the next three months doing OM stuff, all overnights. Next weekend is Judge's Training up around Waco (every team has to provide a judge and volunteer for competitions, I am the judge for an SA-Hero middle school team, we are carpooling so I don't have to drive. In March we have regionals, which Katie will compete at and I will judge and then in April is state which Katie will compete and if the team I am 'judge for' makes it to state, I will also be judging. Worlds are the last weekend in May. I will have a 1-3 week old baby, neither Chris or I will be going to Worlds should Katie's team make it. This Spring is shaping up to be super busy, the time should fly between now and the baby coming.

On the baby front, baby looks good. Fetal echo yesterday showed a normal heart and a baby on target for size for his/her gestational age (1 lb 13 oz) No, we STILL don't know the gender although baby was spread-eagle yesterday and I could have found out in a millisecond had I asked. Baby is crazy active and made Alan (the sonographer) earn his pennies :D
The HEG is fading. I have to be careful what I eat, I still occasionally get sick, still take meds every now and then but really I'm pretty much back to normal.
Unfortunately, my BP is heading up. I'm pre-hypertensive with a very short jump to hypertensive. My OB and I have decided, for now, watchful waiting is appropriate. No tests (24 hr urine, PIH labs etc...), no meds but I will see him every week from now until the birth, I went downhill very quickly with Lucy, he wants to keep an eye on me. I don't mind, it is reassuring to hear the baby, I like him and I enjoy visiting with his staff. If the timing is right I can also have lunch with Chris as his office is around the corner from the hospital. I popped over and visited yesterday and FINALLY, got to meet his boss after 2 years of working there.
I will take my BP (Chris bought me a really good home monitor) 2-3 times a day and keep a record so Dr. M can see how my BP's are in real life, not just sitting in his office. If I end up with PIH in the next 8 weeks or so we'll start me on Aldomet or some other BP lowering med. I'm not on bedrest or anything drastic but am not doing any heavy labor (like I have built up the stamina for that yet). We are hopeful that'll I'll hang out in the pre-hypertensive range until the end but are prepared if I don't.
HG'rs are more likely to get PIH/preeclampsia so this isn't exactly a shock.

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