Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update on me

I had a PICC ( ) line put in Monday. IV hydration via peripheral IV's was just not working out, my veins stink and kept blowing and my home health nurse was having a harder and harder time finding viable veins to try. I have a double lumen PICC so I can run my Zofran pump through it (no more sticking myself in the leg every morning) and fluids. Having it put in, in a cath lab, was not something I want to do everyday but really wasn't bad. I walked into radiology at 2:40 and walked out at 4 and drove myself home. I am doing quite a bit better since I can easily run fluids whenever I need them and the better hydrated I am, the better the Zofran works and the more I can eat and drink on my own. The PICC will stay in until I can drink enough fluids on my own to stay hydrated. It may be awhile. On a good day I can drink 12 oz...on a bad day? 0-2oz. I can eat a little but am still dropping weight pretty quickly. I'm afraid if I don't stop dropping weight my OB is going to order more substantial fluids (TPN) which I don't really want to do as it is hard on the liver and my liver is a little iffy anyway.
The Bean, or Bob as Jack calls the baby, is fine. We got to hear a good, strong, fast heartbeat on Monday ticking away. Also got an 'official' due date of May 23rd.


Lilder said...

That's so scary... but I LOVE how you just take it like it's all normal. You are a true testament to a mother's love and to the true blessings of every new little life. Many prayers for you, Bean-Bob, and the whole crew!

Therese said...

Your due date is the day before the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians. Brigette was born on the 24th. She will remember this baby is due the day before her birthday.

Still praying for you.

dcf said...

Still praying here. I was just about to send you a pm to see how you were doing. I thought I would check your blog first.

Dan (Bonaventure)

Liesl said...

It sounds like the PICC line is the way to go, and I'm glad you were able to get in so easily. I hope you can stay well hydrated and get back to eating and drinking soon. I'm glad the baby's doing well, too...isn't it amazing how much and our bodies can take and still grow healthy little ones?