Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mowing Musings

While mowing our yard yesterday (I can't call it a lawn, it's mostly sand and weeds) I realized something.
I was tooling along on our little John Deere. Ok, stop laughing. We own a riding mower, a John Deere, the exact one in the picture, complete with matching green trailer...and I use it. It's great fun! Anyway back to my story. I was in the front of our property where we have no trees. The sun was shining, gorgeous blue sky, puffy clouds and I said to myself "I really do like living in TX". It was very hard leaving our friends and family back East but we really have been very happy here.

I had another flat tire and it wasn't but 10 seconds before someone stopped to help me, turned out to be a neighbor who lives about half-mile up the street from us-the girls know his dogs. Now, a man stopping to help a lady with a car full of kids change a tire isn't all that remarkable. Get this. He tells me to take my groceries, the kids and take HIS TRUCK and take them all home. This guy only knows me by sight and I only know the names of his dogs and he's sending me off with his Supercab mongo diesel truck! I took my milk and the little girls and dropped them home. The girls thought it big fun to ride in a pickup :-)
Let's return to my adventures in mowing. As I'm doing some more work in the front Grace calls out, "Mom, the deer!" It's about 1PM and there is a doe walking down the middle of our street. Poor thing is probably the mother of the fawn that was mauled by dogs the other day, she's been acting a little mental ever since, can't say I blame her. So we watch her cruise through our front yard and neighbors and head into an empty lot. Sure we saw deer and wildlife in our other homes but not so up close and personal-we can hear owls and coyotes when we sit outside.
This weekend I got the rest of my plants in, played in the pool with the kids (another neighbor gave us one of the 14ft inflatable pools), finished taking down a felled tree without our chainsaw (yes, we have a chainsaw too-STOP LAUGHING), got it to the burn pile, mowed the lawn, went to Mass, watched football, had a nice visit with two neighbors, talked to another freind about Bunco next week and best of brace yourselves. It's a true Texas miracle.
We found good pizza. Almost makes you want to cry. No, really. C'mon a Jersey girl without access to decent pizza? I make my own, but it just is NOT the same.


Liesl said...

I agree with you, the rest of the country is friendly, NJ and NYC, not so much. That's the downside of living here...

...but I would miss the pizza (and the bagels) if we moved. I'm glad you found a pizza place!

Katie F. said...

hahaha! now i have something to look forward to! coming to visit you and riding the John Deere. :p

oh, BTW, my Confirmation date is May 24th. I think. Mom knows for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure it's good, but do they give you a fifth pie free when you buy four?