Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're home...again...

Lucy was in the hospital. Nothing big. Just a bit of gastroenteritis that she couldn't handle without some IV support. She is doing very well now. Not womitin' and the diarrhea isn't bad at all. She is finally drinking again. Thankfully she was still breastfeeding and that helped her.
I'll give an official shout out "THANK YOU!!" to our pediatrician, and all the nurses. Lucy wasn't THAT sick in perspective to some of the other children there but all the nurses and PCA's were attentive and helpful and kind. Everyone from the nice person who was cleaning the room and talked to Lucy and brought her a toy from the playroom to the gray ladies who made toys for the children in the ER to the nurses who promptly came whenever her pump started beeping to the phlebotomist who had to wake us at 5AM for blood draws to her pediatrician (who kept me 100% in the loop and involved in decision making ) were all professional and caring. No one wants to be in the hospital but I couldn't ask for a better experience then we had and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

Quick note: WE NEED MORE NURSES!! All our nurses were running like madwomen the entire time. They were constantly trying to meet their patients and the physician's needs.

and an aside to parents and other people with loved ones in the hospital. Your nurses are not your slaves, use that call bell judiciously. Do whatever you can yourself including cleaning up after yourself and your child. Treat your nurses with kindness and respect, they'll appreciate it.


Katie F. said...

glad Lulu's doing better!! give her a hug from me.

katie f.

Liesl said...

Poor little girl! Poor all of you - those summer tummy flu bugs can be vary nasty. Hurray for nursing, though - imagine how sick she would have been had she not had your antibodies.

I'm so glad she's better and all of you can get back to normal :)