Tuesday, May 22, 2007

RIP Cocoa

I know in the grand scheme and with all the awful things happening in the world the death of a dog is a small thing.
In our little world though the death of this dog is very very sad. We all loved him very much, he was a good dog. Our neighbor Mike had him before he even met his wife. Cocoa was his friend and companion.
Please pray for Mike and especially Martha who is feeling a lot of guilt over this tragic accident. Pray for my little girls who will be devastated (they don't know yet). Oh he was such a good boy, we'll miss him so very very much.


Therese said...

so sorry to hear this news Karen. Praying for your family, especially your girls.

katie f. said...

oh no! poor Cocoa! when i met him, he was such a sweetheart! i was looking forward to seeing him again!! tell Mike and Marta i'm so sorry. and give Gracie and Emmy a hug from me. :-(